BElog: Our latest breakfast briefing a huge hit

Our last breakfast briefing at The Glades on 18 April 2018 was a huge success.  With over 60 HR professionals, business owners, accountants, business coaches and managers in the room, we learnt from those that had gotten it wrong and ended up in front of the Fair Work Commission.

Some key take aways included ensuring consistent application of policies and sanctions, ensuring that a fair process is always followed prior to terminating an employee and also the risks of ensuring there is a valid reason for termination.

Feedback on the session included:

“Thank you for the lovely breakfast Briefing, the team and I found it very informative and would be greatly interested in attending again.”

“Thank you Mark, it was definitely an informative briefing.”

“Hi Mark, thanks for this morning.  It was very informative and funny.”

We look forward to seeing you all again at our next Briefing, details to be sent out shortly.  For those wanting to come along, you can subscribe to our invite list or send an email to [email protected]